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Bimecc, a small start up in 1987 was born pursuing a dream: to provide wheel accessories to the automotive industry  at a very competitive price, in an efficient way and guaranteeing absolute safety.
A clear example of “made in Italy” excellence.After 30 years of working, with the leadership of Mr. Ferdinando Bada the founder, and his staff, Bimecc is a worldwide leader in after market wheel accessories.We have branches in Italy, UK and the USA.

For Bimecc Quality is a must! A very high quality product guarantees the safety of cars and especially of drivers and passengers.Nonetheless to mantain the leadership in the market, quality is not the only issue.
Service must be at the highest level too and is based on:

  • A  high standard of pre sales and post sales technical support – thanks to our 30 years of experience and our competent and enthusiastic staff;
  • Quick and on time delivery – guarenteed by our strategic location in the north of Italy and by a well organised and stocked warehouse of 9,000 square meters;
  • Product customization, also in small quamtities developed with passion by our efficient and innovative R&D department.


Two foreign branches guarantee a complete coverage of the UK and  the USA market.

BIMECC UK based north of London with an efficient warehouse and delivery process operates throughout the UK.

BIMECC USA  based in California with its huge warehouse and stock has the mission to cover all the North, Centre and Sud America market.










  Qualità Bimecc



Bolts, nuts and accessories produced by Bimecc are completely “made in Italy”, starting from the raw material. The entire supply chain is under control guaranteeing reliability and safety of the products.

All the bolts are in Class 10.9 further proof of their strength and resilience.


For its products Bimecc makes use of 12 microns thickness zinc plating. Zinc Nickel and Zinc Flake base coat plus topcoat guarantee resistance to corrosion up to 700 hours. Tests are made with special Salt Spray Test equipment.




Customization of products based on customer drawing, is a much appreciated service.If requested we can produce also small quantity lots. The products are developed in co-design with the customers and manufactured with the latest generation of CNC machines.

Bimecc is ISO 9000 and IATF 16949 certified.



Bimecc has on average 40 milion pieces in stock which allows us to guarantee on time delivery in 24/48 hours..










The manufacturing process is based on Cold Forming technology, with multistation presses (up to 6 dies) and automatic threading machines.
Heat treatments and Surface treatments (zink plating, zinc flake, chromium plate, topcoating) are made with state of the art plants and according to automotive industry standards.

For the customazion of products we make use of steel bars and CNC machines or we do post-machining operations starting from pieces already cold formed.

Precisione Bimecc



The Quality System guarantees the traceability of each lot of production back to the steel casting. A state of the art SPC Information System  measures the compliance of the manufacturing process through a Capability Index (CPK) thus monitoring each single stage of production.
By monitoring the CPK we maintain a stable and replicable process.

The compliance of the production is verified by:

Hardness Test

Dimensional Check

Salt Spray Test concerning corrosion

Torque and Tension Test

Tensile Strength Test

Metallographic analysis


Imballaggio Blister Bimecc



All the products are packed in plastic bags and carton boxes.Bags and carton boxes are available in different dimensions and can be customized with personalized labels which indicate customer logo and other customer data like bar code, batch number and so on.

The packaging process is completely automated and highly productive: every 14 seconds we are able to pack a single carton box with 20 bolts plus 4 rings  in a plastic bag.This is a very efficient and quick process.


The most recent innovation at Bimecc is the new program of bolts and nuts packed in a very practical blister, specially designed for tyre dealers and garages.
The blister contains 5 pieces, a ready to use kit to replace damaged or worn bolts or nuts. The kit is easily managed and stocked thanks to a functional  display made of metal.
Such a display, with a wide range of bolts and nuts – to be used as spare parts – placed in a tyre dealer show room, qualifies the offer and gives to the customer a concrete idea of quality and professionalism.
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